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TWHBEA- Jacked Up And Jazzy - Bred to Silfri from Solheimar(Icelandic stallion), due around April 19, 2022

Jazzy is a beautiful feminine bay tobiano mare.  She is about 14H, is sweet, and willing to learn.  She has been trail ridden, leads and follows, prefers to go slow and steady, has a nice smooth gait when asked. Her sire is I'm Jacked Up To, a multi world grand champion spotted saddle horse.  2 in 1 package $3500

​DNA Results: Dun nd1/nd2, Red/Black Ee, Agouti Aa, Tobiano TO/n, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3

Horses we currently have for sale

This page is current as of 01/13/2021, if a horse is listed as SALE PENDING/SOLD that means I have received a deposit or the horse is paid for in full and is waiting to be transported to it's new home.  Breed, registry, name, and price for each horse are listed above their photos.  Details about each horse are listed below their photos and/or videos.
Icelandic Horse USIHC Registered - Príma from Chippewa Acres - AVAILABLE $10,000

Príma is a smokey black dun Icelandic horse filly born 6/20/2019. Her sire is Silfri from Solheimar, he is sired by Parker frá Sólheimum, a spectacular chestnut stallion who was evaluated at 8.39 overall. Silfri's dam, Sif frá Efri-Rauòalæk, is a stunning grullo mare who was evaluated at 7.85 overall.  Her dam, Glira from Extreme Farms, is sired by Fáfnir frá Sandhólaferju evaluated at 7.7 overall.  She is DNA tested homozygous black and also carries a creme gene.  She is extremely friendly, is halter broke, and has had routine vaccinations, deworming and regular hoof trimming.  Both of her parents are about 13HH and I expect her to mature a bit taller. As of 12/14/2021 she is right about 13 hands. She  priced at $10,000.

DNA Results: Dun D/nd2, Red/Black EE, Agouti aa, Cream N/Cr, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3
TWHBEA- Dun Sugar Maple Syrup - SALE PENDING, Deposit received $6000

Maple is a stunning filly out of Apple born May 8, 2020.  She is a quick learner and a good student.  She is dna tested homozygous for gait and is black dun overo with a copy of dominant white 20. As of 12/7/2021 she is right about 13.1 hands  Asking $6000  She is also in the video above.

DNA Results: Red/Black EE, Agouti aa, Dominant White W20/n, Lethal White Overo LWO/n, Dun D/nd2, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3

UCHC- Silfri from Solheimar ~  AVAILABE $12,000

DNA Results: Dun D/nd2, Red/Black Ee, Agouti aa, Gait DMRT3/n

DOB: 06/13/2013 Silfri is a handsome icelandic stallion with big, high, and wide movement.  He is grullo (black dun) and stands about 12.3HH  He is sired by Parker frá Sólheimum, a spectacular first prize chestnut stallion who was evaluated at 8.39 overall.  His dam Sif frá Efri-Rauòalæk is a stunning grullo mare who was evaluated at 7.85 overall. Silfri has excellent conformation, and is 4 gaited. He has an excellent temperament and is quiet, brave, independent, sweet, and very friendly. He has been lightly started under saddle. He has outstanding bloodlines that include Hervar frá Sauðárkróki and Sleipnir frá Efri-Rauðalæk a first prize stallion.  He would be a wonderful asset to a breeding program or would make a spectacular riding gelding.  Priced at $12,000
UCHC- Hrollur frá Háleggsstöðum ~  AVAILABLE $6,500

DOB: 06/05/2020 Hrollur is a handsome guy measuring at 12.1 hands on 9/21/2021. He has 2 beautiful blue eyes, is friendly and curious. He is sired by Brúðgumi frá Háleggsstöðum, a georgeous chestnut stallion who is just starting his training in Iceland. His dam Gláma frá Þormóðsholti is a beautiful black splash broodmare mare. Hrollur has nice conformation, is likely 3(possibly 4) gaited. He leads, stands tied, and is good for hoof trimming. Asking $6500

DNA Results: Red/Black Ee, Agouti aa, Splash White 1 SW1/SW1, Dun nd2/nd2, Gait n/n