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Horses we currently have for sale
This page is current as of 05/29/2023
TWHBEA - Slim's Precious Gunpowder

Precious is super friendly and very much in your pocket type of personality.  Born May 3, 2022  She sired by Slim's Gun Runner, who is a handsome heritage stallion owned by John Oliver of Double O Stables.  Her dam is our kids favorite riding horse, with an amazing temperament just like her sire, Dunn Cashed In.  I expect Precious will be an excellent smooth riding horse like her sire and dam.  She has been exceptionally easy to work with and is a quick learner.  She picks her feet up, walks on a lead, and stands tied.  She is currently 12.1HH on 12/19/2022 and is expected to mature between 14 and 15 hands. She is priced at $3,000.00 
TWHBEA - Dun Spending Cash

This spectacular smokey black dun splash colt was born on 7/04/2022. He is sired by the late TWH stallion Dunn Cashed In and out of Dun Royally Blu My Chance.  He is 13.1 at 5 months old, I expect him to mature to 16+hands.  This cross has produced some of our nicest foals, both temperament, conformation, and looks. He has the best of all of it!  He has loads of dun factor and is homozygus dun, carries cream, and splash to top it off.  Asking $15,000, may be open to offers.

​DNA Results: Agouti aa, Red/Black Ee, Cream n/Cr, Splashed White 1 N/SW1, Dun D/D, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3
Icelandic Horse - Dýna from Chippewa Acres

Dýna is a uniquely marked black splash tobiano Icelandic horse filly born 6/09/2022. She is brave, curious, and friendly. She shows tolt in the pasture and is homozygus for gait, so it is possible she could also have flying pace. Her sire is Seifur frá Háleggsstöðum and her dam is Brynja from Northstar. She carries one copy of splash white and tobiano. Her sire and dam are both about 13.1, I expect her to mature at least as tall as they are if not a bit taller. She was measured on 12/19/2022 at 11.2HH  Priced at $10,000

DNA Results: Dun nd2/nd2, Red/Black Ee, Agouti aa, Splash White 1 SW1/n, Tobiano N/T, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3
TWHBEA- Dun Royally Blu My Chance

Bella is was born 4/19/2007 and is a smoky black dun splash mare, she is 16+ hands.  She is a very sweet in your pocket type of horse. She was a wonderful trail horse and gaits beautifully, but is being sold as a broodmare due to soundness issues​.  She is a wonderful mother, foals easily, and produces nice big foals with wonderful temperaments.  She is being bred for a 2024 foal.  Stallion is HZ dun, foal will be grulla and has a 50% chance of being HZ dun and a 50% chance of also inheriting the creme gene.  Also both sire and dam carry splash white, so foal will have a 75% chance of having at least 1 copy of splash white.   Asking $12,000

DNA Results: Dun D/nd2, Red/Black EE, Agouti aa, Cream N/Cr, Splashed White N/SW1, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3 

TWHBEA- Dun Cashin Casino Chips

Miriam was born 4/11/2021 and is a smokey black dun splash filly with W20. She is homozygous dun dilute, so she will always produce a dun dilute foal.  She has her mothers sweet personality, height and flash and her fathers soulful "wise beyond her years" temperament. Sired by our handsome stallion, Dunn Cashed In and out of Dun Royally Blu My Chance.  We are cutting back on our herd and have decided to let this gorgeous gal go. Asking $15,000 may be open to offers.  *updated photos and video to come

DNA Results: Dun D/D, Red/Black Ee, Agouti aa, Cream N/Cr, Splashed White N/SW1, Dominant White W20/n, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3 

UCHC- Silfri from Solheimar ~  AVAILABE $18,000

DNA Results: Dun D/nd2, Red/Black Ee, Agouti aa, Gait DMRT3/n

DOB: 06/13/2013 Silfri is a handsome icelandic gelding with big, high, and wide movement.  He is a bold and brave boy, yet sensitive.  He is grullo (black dun) and stands about 12.3HH  He is sired by Parker frá Sólheimum, a spectacular first prize chestnut stallion who was evaluated at 8.39 overall.  His dam Sif frá Efri-Rauòalæk is a stunning grullo mare who was evaluated at 7.85 overall. Silfri has excellent conformation, and is 4 gaited. He has an excellent temperament and is quiet, brave, independent, sweet, and very friendly. He has been trail ridden and is currently being trained for tolt. Priced at $18,000 *new photos and video coming soon
TWHBEA- Pusher's Secret Charm 

DOB 5/21/2008 Reba is a beautiful bay sabino tobiano standing about 16HH.  She is a great trail horse, is sensible and sweet.  Her sire is WGC Pusher's Secret Weapon, and her dam is sired by Alen's Caper a producer of WGC's and was ranked 49th all time sire  with TWHBEA in 2006.  Her offspring will inherit sabino or tobiano from her every time she produces a foal. Asking $5,000

DNA Results: Dun nd2/nd2, Red/Black Ee, Agouti Aa, Tobiano TO/n, Sabino 1 SB1/n, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3

Icelandic Horse - Eldfari von Kjölavík

Eldfari(Fire Traveller) was born April 15, 2023 with an audience of adoring spectators. He is a red splash with partial blue eyes.  His sire is Ómi från Stav, a 1st prize palomino stallion residing in Germany. Ómi was the world's highest judged stallion in 2007 outside of Iceland and in the same year he qualified for the World Breeding Championships for the Swedish team.  His dam, Hringför frá Brekkukoti, is sired by Kakali frá Efri-Þverá who is evaluated 2nd prize with a score of 8.55 for conformation. His maternal grandsire is 1st prize Goði frá Sauðárkróki. He is priced at $8,000

DNA Results: Red/Black ee, Agouti A?, Cream N/N, Splash White SW1/N, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3(predicted)