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UCHC- Seifur frá Háleggsstöðum ~  not standing to outside mares

                                             Black Splash, 53 inches/135cm(4 years old, still growing)
               Brúðgumi frá Háleggsstöðum X Náttsól frá Háleggsstöðum

DNA Results: Red/Black Ee, Agouti aa, Splash White 1 SW1/SW1, Dun nd2/nd2, Gait DMRT3/n

Seifur is a fancy looking boy with his blue eyes and contrasting black and white markings.  He is sired by Brúðgumi frá Háleggsstöðum, a georgeous chestnut stallion who is just starting his training in Iceland.  His dam Náttsól frá Háleggsstöðum is a beautiful silver dapple splash mare. Seifur has excellent conformation, and is 4 gaited. He has a wonderful easy going temperament.  He has been started under saddle and has a very nice trot and canter.  Currently being trained for tolt.
TWHBEA- Ladys Rambling Rose

DOB 5/05/2015 Rose is a stellar trail horse with a smooth ground covering gait.  She has been used to gather cattle and is a great working horse.  Her pedigree is all old "heritage" bloodlines, including Red Bud's Rascal, Mark's Crackerjack, and Buds Sterling Bullet.  She stands about 14.2 is easy to catch, trailers with ease.  She is a great minded working horse and we love that about her.

DNA Results: Dun nd2/nd2, Red/Black ee, Agouti aa, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3

Icelandic Horse - Perla from Extreme Farms

Perla is an icelandic horse mare born in 2006.  She stands about 130cm or 12.3 hands. She has a lovely natural slow tolt and is a great trail horse. She may not look it, but she is genetically a black silver dapple tobiano with a grey gene.

DNA Results: Red/Black EE, Agouti aa, Gray Gg, Silver Zz, Tobiano TO/n, Dun nd2/nd2, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3

TWHBEA- Big Sky Apple  - In foal to Cash's Blu Winchester, due August 2023

DOB 6/15/2018 Apple is smart, sweet, and sassy.  She is homozygous black and carries Splash White.  She has been lightly started under saddle and we hope she will become a wonderful little trail horse.

DNA Results: Dun nd2/nd2, Red/Black EE, Agouti aa, Splashed White SW1/N, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3

TWHBEA- Champagne Dun Darling LS 

DOB 5/25/2006 Darlin is a phenomenal little horse.  Before we purchased her she had been ridden hundreds of miles on trails in New Mexico.  She is a trusty little horse that takes care of her riders big and small.  She has been part of the High School Equestrian team and loves to compete in the speed events. She is a daughter to our late stallion, Dun Cashed In, and is a unique classic champagne dun.

DNA Results: Dun D/nd1, Red/Black Ee, Agouti aa, Champagne n/Ch, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3


DOB 4/19/2007 Bella is a smoky black dun splash mare, she is 16+ hands.  She is a very sweet in your pocket type of horse.  

DNA Results: Dun D/nd2, Red/Black EE, Agouti aa, Cream N/Cr, Splashed White N/SW1, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3 

Icelandic Horse - Brynja from Northstar, In foal to Seifur frá Háleggsstöðum, due August 2023

DOB 7/26/2005 Brynja is a black tobiano splash white Icelandic horse mare. She stands about 53 inches or 135cm.  She is a lovely horse with an amazing sweet personality and she takes care of the kids on trail rides.

DNA Results: Red/Black EE, Agouti aa, Dun nd1/nd2 Tobiano N/TO, Splashed White N/SW1, Gait N/DMRT3

Icelandic Horse - Einstök frá Eldborg

Einstök is a black dun with dominant white 21 (W21) born 6/19/2020 in Iceland. Her sire Ellert frá Baldurshaga was the first horse in the world carrying the brand-new coat color W21. Ellert is the son of Honorary Prize stallion Sær frá Bakkakoti (8.62 in total with 9.05 for ridden abilities) and Kengála frá Búlandi, daughter of Sörli frá Búlandi and mother to three 1st prize offsprings, was evaluated this June and received 8.56 for conformation and 8.12 for ridden abilities with 8.5 for tölt and slow tölt and 9 for canter. Her dam is a daughter of Eldjárn frá Tjaldhólum and Lyfting frá Ásgeirsbrekku  Both of her parents are well above 13.75 hands, so it is very likely she will mature between 13.3 and 14.1 hands.  She is a curious little girl, well built, and most likely 5 gaited.

​DNA Results: Dun D/nd1, Red/Black Ee, Agouti aa, Dominant White W21/n, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3

Icelandic Horse - Sónata frá Háleggsstöðum

Sónata is a 5 gaited smokey black splash filly born 6/15/2019 in Iceland.  She is out of taller parents so we hope she will also grow into a taller horse. At 3.5 years she is 13HH.  Her sire Klaki frá Hólkoti is a buckskin tobiano, Sónata carries a creme gene.  Her dam is sired by Blakkur frá Úlfsstöðum, who has been evaluated and received 8.16 for ridden abilities(8.5 for tolt, gallop, and temperament) and 7.87 total.  Her training has began and she is showing lots of tolt and pace.

DNA Results: Red/Black Ee, Agouti aa, Cream CR/n, Splashed White SW1/n, Dun nd1/nd2, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3

Our Horses

DOB 5/21/2008 Reba is a beautiful bay sabino tobiano standing about 16HH.  She is a great trail horse, is sensible and sweet.  Her sire is WGC Pusher's Secret Weapon, and her dam is sired by Alen's Caper a producer of WGC's and was ranked 49th all time sire  with TWHBEA in 2006.  Her offspring will inherit sabino or tobiano from her every time she produces a foal.

DNA Results: Dun nd2/nd2, Red/Black Ee, Agouti Aa, Tobiano TO/n, Sabino 1 SB1/n, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3

Icelandic Horse - Príma from Chippewa Acres

Príma is a smokey black dun Icelandic horse filly born on our farm 6/20/2019.  At 3.5 years she is 13.1HH, so she should be a good sized riding horse when she is finished growing. Her sire is Silfri from Solheimar, he is sired by Parker frá Sólheimum, a spectacular chestnut stallion who was evaluated at 8.39 overall. Silfri's dam, Sif frá Efri-Rauòalæk, is a stunning grullo mare who was evaluated at 7.85 overall.  Her dam, Glira from Extreme Farms, is sired by Fáfnir frá Sandhólaferju evaluated at 7.7 overall.  She is DNA tested homozygous black and also carries a creme gene.  She is extremely friendly, brave, and has begun training for riding.  She is showing lots of tolt and pace.

DNA Results: Dun D/nd2, Red/Black EE, Agouti aa, Cream N/Cr, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3
Icelandic Horse - Hringför frá Brekkukoti, foal born April 15, 2023

DOB 6/15/2008 Hringför has made her way to our farm from Germany, but was born in Iceland.  She is a very sweet mare with eye catching color that never goes unnoticed.  She stands about 13.1HH. Sired by Kakali frá Efri-Þverá evaluated 2nd prize with a score of 8.55 for conformation.  Her dams sire is 1st prize Goði frá Sauðárkróki.  She is bred to a stunning palomino 1st prize stallion Ómi från Stav with a highest score of 8.29.  Hringför has been trained to ride and her preferred gait is tolt.

DNA Results: Red/Black ee, Agouti AA, Dun nd1/nd2, Splashed White N/SW1, Gait DMRT3/DMRT3