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Welcome to Chippewa Acres Farm
    We are a small farm nestled on 54 acres in Mid Michigan.  We raise Tennessee Walking Horses, Icelandic Horses, Miniature Australian Shepherds and all different varieties of Budgies.

    We are home to Dunn Cashed In, a devilishly handsome red dun TWHBEA registered stallion.  Cash is one of a small number of Tennessee Walking Horses that carries the dun gene, a coat color modifying gene, which gives you grullo, red dun, and classic dun(sometimes mistaken as buckskin with counter shading).  He has been DNA tested and passes dun on about 50% of his offspring.  He is available for breeding to outside mares on a limited basis via live cover and unlimited via artificial insemination.  In 2016 we will be offering frozen semen and will be able to ship internationally.

    Our Miniature Australian Shepherds are wonderful family pets, they are exceptionally smart, compete in agility, and are great herding dogs.  Our dogs are all genetically disease tested and have OFA certifications for their eyes and hips when age appropriate.  We have a few litters of puppies a year and typically have a combination of black tricolor, red tricolor, blue merle, and red merle in each litter.

    We have a wide variety of budgies including Japanese Hagoromo budgies.  These are the most beautiful budgies I have ever seen with their unique plumes on their wings and crests on their heads.  We also raise exhibition sized budgies with and without crests.
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Dun and Grulla Tennessee Walking Horses Available